Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fear Journal

When i was little i developed a fear of bears. behind my house is woods. i never saw it but, a bear had run through town, past my house, and into the woods behind my house. From then on, for a few months i was terrified of going back in the woods behind my house. i would always invision the bear attacking and how i would have to protect my self and how i would escape. I never ended up running into that bear and i am now over that fear.


  1. I used to have bears in my backyard also and i was terrifed of going back into my woods also. It was a scary thought that there was a bear living next to my house.

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  3. I dont know how the one above got deleted, opps
    But i can relate to this. there was one i guess in our development that was on Jenny Hudalla's porch, and for a few weeks after that we wouldnt go outside like ever.
    :) J

  4. i too had a fear of bears as a lad.
    until i bought myself a gun
    remington .270 bolt action rifle
    now im safe

  5. When i was a kid i always loved bears because i thought they were fuzzy and awesome. I didn't really know that they were dangerous and had no reason to fear them. But, i understand why you would be afraid of bears since when you were a kid you probabally were not was big as one like you are now.

  6. I can relate to this because there was once a bear in my neighboor's backyard and I was really scared to go outside after that. Bears are so big and fast, I don't know if I would know what to do if I came face to face with one!